Monday, June 30, 2014

Starting Over...

So a year ago, I decided it would be a good idea to start a blog. My reasons were simple: 1) I'm a talker; 2) I've always loved to write and haven't made the time for it in years; and 3) I enjoy reading other people's blogs. It all sounded good, then life got in the way, changes came along, and with them came some major writer's block. Perfect timing right? So I'm starting over, and trying again. The writing juices are flowing and I have more ideas.
One of the main reasons I've always liked writing is that it helps me process things. The truth is I am a counselor. When I'm working, I help my clients process things. When I'm off, I spend my time processing my own stuff. Writing helps me do that. I think blogging could be a fun way to process things, as well as a way to open up to others. I've always been an open book--I can keep others' secrets, but was never good at keeping my own. So, if by blogging I can make you laugh, help you see something about yourself, make you feel less "alone," or learn something new, it's worth my time and effort. But, first and foremost, I am doing this for me.

What I Intend to Write About:
Whatever strikes me! When I work on coming up with blog ideas, I always come back to things I do often enough to write about more than once. I've confessed before that I have an unhealthy relationship with Pinterest, but I don't pin just to pin--I actually do most of the stuff. So, I'm hoping to have a regular series about what pin I'm trying that week.
If we're friends on Facebook, you're familiar with "Jack jargon." If not...I'm lucky enough to be the mother of the funniest kid I've ever met. He's almost 3. I first posted a "Jack jargon" not long after he started talking in complete sentences, and those posts have really taken off since. Whenever I run into a Facebook friend in person, they always comment on how much they love those posts. Several have suggested in recent months I start a blog...imagine that! Needless to say, Jack jargon will have a prominent place here.

Here we go...!!

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