Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jack Jargon {Past conversations, part 2}

Hope you enjoyed the last Jack Jargon post! Adding a few more today. ;)

"Oh momma! I love you again and again and big and big and big!"
April 18, 2014

April 22: (after using the potty)
Jack: I did it!!
Me: Yay! Let's put your undies on, then you can pick a sticker.
Jack: Wellllll, ok. But first lemme do my dance moves!
*Proceeds to do something similar to the cha-cha slide on the rug in just a t-shirt.*

April 23:
(After getting fussed at by the hubs and then being to "upset" to finish his dinner)
Me: Oh Daddy tell him you're not mad at him--you broke his heart!
Dad: Dude, I'm not mad at you. You just need to stop kicking the table and eat your apples.
Jack: But daddy! I has a broke heart!!

April 24:
Jack: Daddy, you are white.
Me: What color is mom?
Jack: Brown!!
Me (couldn't help myself): And what color are you?
Jack: Yellow!!! (and now you know...)

May 15:
Jack (yelling across the house): MOM! What are you doing??
Me: I'm doing some work. (paying bills at the kitchen table)
Jack: Come do your work in here, in my room, so I can yook at you!

May 30:
Jack: Oh momma! I dis yove you!
Me: I love you too! You're my favorite! (Something I've told him since he was born)
Jack: No mom you my favorite!...Mom? What "favorite" means?
Me: It means I love you more than anybody else in the whole world.
Jack (after pausing to think about it): Oh mom I yove you in da widest world. I yove you more den da moon and da snow. 
-several smooches later-
Jack: Ok dat's enough kisses now.

Aaaand now we're all caught up!

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